A downloadable game for Windows

Planet Panther, the all-round hero of justice, bossiness, and the pixel art way of life, has been overpowered by the byzantine intricacies of the gastro-intestinal tract as he is overcome by hunger in the middle of a battle.
However, with you on his side, he has no reason to despair. Bake a cake in the middle of a battlefield as you blast half-dead monsters away with your mustard pellets (ol' PP likes cakes with mustard, so what?).

Move mouse to aim.
LMB to fire. Can hold to spray and pray.
RMB to make the cake.

Game - helewrer3 (helewrer3.itch.io)
Promotional material, testing and partial story and design elements - SonTomNetwork (sontomnetwork.itch.io)
Music - WolframTones, bfxr


Planet Panther's Butler.zip 11 MB