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The earth has been ruined beyond repair, and all of humanity seemed doomed, until an upcoming R&D corporation BacTom Corp unveiled a massive space stationed harbour humanity till the planet could be bright back to its former glory. 
BacTom Corp• initiated the VulCop unit, a unit of human beings genetically selected and trained to be the finest specimens of the race, to carry out surveys on Earth for survivability reports.

All assets and the game itself are original property of Helewrer3 and Son Tom. No part of this may be reproduced or redistributed without prior permission.
Fair Use clause applies.

Word Of Advice -
Pause the game after every level, they comtain valuable hints.
The text in level screens have a meaning.
Every ability is not unlocked from the start, play the game and be observant.

Install instructions

Extract the contents of the RAR file, and then use the executable to play the game. 


CriDeEco 16 MB

Development log


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Was this a Space Invaders Rip - Off??

No it's not a rip-off of anything. 

But it's basic mechanics are inspired from Asteroids.